I n a previous post on coaching, Bryan Brown shared this quote from Howard Hendricks: “Training without coaching is a waste of time.” MTW has done a good job offering training opportunities. Yet for leaders to continue to grow and develop, training must be reinforced with coaching.

To address this need, GTD is spearheading a new initiative to provide coaching for all MTW field leadership. The coaching will make use of the RightPath assessment instruments, especially the RightPath LQ360. Leaders will be asked to rate themselves on their leadership skills, as well as seek feedback from their one-up, direct reports, peers and associates, and others such as family and friends. The LQ360 provides feedback on five key leadership categories: Results, Relationships, Emotional Intelligence, Trust, and Development of Others. The goal of the 360 assessment is for each leader to develop a personal Leadership Development Plan (LDP). Through personalized coaching sessions, each leader will develop their plan and receive ongoing coaching during the initial implementation of the plan.

While this opportunity will eventually be made available to any one in leadership, the first phase will include the International Directors (ID) and two people from each ID’s region.

Effective leadership development needs to be tailored to the needs of the leader. We believe this new initiative will help ensure that our leaders are growing in their effectiveness as leaders.