Recently, the Africa Strategy Team met to work through short- and longer-term goals and strategies to advance the work on the continent. Global Training and Development (GTD) staff Jeff Marlowe and Minette Lugo walked us through the process. We knew we needed to meet face to face to consider what is already happening in our various countries and in our various areas of focus. We also wanted to make headway in terms of working together to set strategic goals. The GTD team helped us organize our time and led us through a variety of activities that allowed us to leave with some concrete action steps.

Often three days of meetings can be exhausting. In this instance, we left the meetings energized, having identified specific goals and action items. Each person knew what he or she would be responsible for and had a specific time frame for their goal. In addition, we left with a pattern for how to work together going forward to create synergy, each person listening to and benefiting from the experience of others. Having GTD guide us in the process definitely made our time more productive.

– Robin McMahan and her husband Mike serve as MTW missionaries in Zimbabwe