Leadership Development

It is vitally important that 21st century leaders know themselves. Self-awareness and ongoing development are essential in order to respond properly and to provide leadership in a changing and diverse context.



Leadership Foundations is an introductory workshop for new leaders as well as existing leaders who want to gain skills and competencies in leading and managing a team. Team leaders will benefit from the content that addresses management and people helping skills with strategic planning, team issues, and cross-cultural competencies.

Upcoming Workshop: Feb. 28-Mar. 3, 2023; 9AM-12:30PM ET via Zoom


The Leadership in an Interconnected World workshop focuses on five areas of leadership: global and cross-cultural skills, innovation, character and self-knowledge, relational skills, and equipping and empowering others. Participants will complete a series of instruments related to cross-cultural aptitude, emotional health, and character strengths.

Upcoming Workshop: Nov. 7-11, 2022; 9AM-12:30PM ET via Zoom


Through several excellent assessments, we can help you measure self-knowledge, leadership potential and strengths, values and motivators, derailers, and people skills. GTD is certified to administer and provide feedback in the following assessment tools:

    • Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI)
    • Hogan Leadership Assessment Series
    • Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi)
    • Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
    • RightPath 4 & 6

Helpful Tools:

Everyone needs to know what is expected of them and how they are doing. Otherwise ministry is based on feelings, assumptions, and guesswork. Therefore, leaders should be able to guide and coach by conducting a helpful performance review.