Spiritual Formation

Our spiritual formation retreats and trainings provide a sense of spiritual grounding that is often missing in the work of mission and ministry.

Through these offerings, a sense of contemplation and personal meditation is emphasized, giving those in ministry, as well as lay people, a sense of grounding and spiritual discipline. Additionally, community is built when those in ministry focus on their common spiritual practices together.

“Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.” As such, the nurture and care of our interior life is core to our worship, our emotional and spiritual health, and our active life of obedience to Christ in our local communities and across the globe. Each component of our work in spiritual formation is directed towards the “keeping of our hearts.”


Our desire in each of our trainings, our retreats, and in our work with spiritual direction and mentoring is to create safe and sacred spaces for our friends and colleagues to experience freedom in the grace of the gospel for the study and development of a personal rule of life, to explore their desire and passion for prayer, and to grow in their ability to listen to and discern God’s leading in their lives – all bathed in God’s presence and promises. Our prayer is that the experience of spiritual formation and direction will lead to a growing expectancy of personal, community, and global transformation.

  • Spiritual Retreats: 3-4 days together with 10-15 people in a contemplative setting.
  • Spiritual Direction: one-on-one relationships to help individuals grow and thrive spiritually

Skills You’ll Leave With:

  • Develop and practice a “rule of life” for ongoing life and ministry.
  • Focus on Christ as you learn to be refreshed and develop new practices leading to spiritual health.